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Finding God in the Small Things: Faith and Determination

A flower growing among rocks
Finding God in the small things is key to faith and determination.

Photo by Nacho Juárez

Life is a great origami piece, each unfolding revealing another aspect that helps us better understand ourselves.

But in between, the seemingly mundane stretches out like a never-ending cycle, and it's easy to lose sight of God's purpose and the passion He ignites in our souls during these ordinary moments.

Yet, within this daily routine lies a potent source of strength: the power to cultivate faith and determination in the everyday.

23 Am I a God at hand, declares the Lord, and not a God far away? 
24 Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the Lord. Do I not fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord.

Finding God in the Small Things: Gratitude

Nurturing this faith requires cultivating gratitude for the blessings God bestows. When we appreciate the sun's warmth on our skin, the laughter of loved ones, or a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, we create a sense of abundance in our lives.

This gratitude becomes the seed from which faith grows. We begin to trust God's plan, even on challenging days, knowing He will provide moments of beauty and joy.

A woman standing in the middle of a wheat field.
Finding God in the small things is key to faith and determination.

Photo by Oleksandr P

We learn to see every day as a fertile ground where our dreams take root, nurtured by our appreciation for His gifts.

Finding God in the Small Things: Daily Routine

Creating daily rituals reinforces our sense of faith. A morning prayer practice allows you to center yourself and set intentions for the day, guided by God's light. An evening reflection journaling session provides an outlet for expressing gratitude for His blessings.

Even a simple act can symbolize taking charge, starting the day purposefully, and honoring God's order.

These rituals become anchors in our daily lives, reminding us of our commitment to Him and the path He has laid before us.

Finding God in the Small Things: Small Wins

Just as faith thrives on small victories, so does determination. Acknowledging your progress is crucial, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

  • Did you finally master a problematic Bible passage?

  • Did you overcome a temptation and choose to honor God?

  • Celebrate!

These small wins are stepping stones on your path, proving that your determination, fueled by faith, yields results. Each celebration is a boost of encouragement, fueling your motivation to continue on your journey.

A Determination Fueled by Faith

Faith provides the compass, but determination fuels the journey. It's the unwavering commitment to keep moving forward, even when the path gets difficult. It's the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit whispering that you can do this, even when doubt creeps in.

Determination thrives on small, consistent actions. It's the extra hour spent in prayer and scripture study, the extra mile walked in service to others, and the "no" you say to distractions that pull you off course.

The key to this kind of unwavering determination is embracing the power of "yet." Instead of succumbing to discouragement when faced with a setback, remind yourself that you just haven't done it. "I can do it." This simple phrase reframes failure as a temporary hurdle, not a dead end.

It allows you to persist and keep chipping away at your goals, knowing that with continued effort and trust in God's timing, "yet" will eventually become "now."

A neighborhood at night.
Finding God in the small things is key to faith and determination.

Photo by may

The Everyday Canvas

Inspiration, the spark that ignites our determination, can be found in the most surprising places. Witnessing the unwavering dedication of a parent, the quiet strength of a friend overcoming adversity, or the sheer determination of a tiny seed pushing through concrete—these acts of everyday heroism reveal the miracles God works around us.

Finding God in the small things, we are reminded of our own smallness.

Look for these moments; let them be the wind at your back as you propel yourself forward on His chosen path.

Life's grand mosaic is pieced from the many shapes of the ordinary.

By cultivating faith in God's plan, nurturing determination through consistent action, and finding inspiration and support in our Christian communities, we transform every day into a canvas for extraordinary creation.

In the quiet moments of dedication to prayer, scripture, and service, in the seemingly insignificant choices that honor Him, we build the life we envision, one small victory, one determined step at a time.

So, embrace the ordinary, for within it lies the extraordinary potential to shape your destiny, a testament to the unwavering faith and determination that God has placed within you.


Darlene Lorraine Gibson's One Woman's Testimony of a Transformed Life is a book about the power of faith and determination.

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